Logic and God-Arrow Christian Learning

Arrow Christian Learning

 LOGIC and GOD     A Thesis claiming that there is a link between God and Mathematics.

Chapter 1      The Argument                         

Chapter 2      Ontological Argument                 

Chapter 3      Anselm's Definition 

Chapter 4      Anselm's Arguments

Chapter 5      God and Existence       

Chapter 6      Kant and Frege and Ontological Argument

Chapter 7      God and Set Theory                 

Chapter 8      God and Infinity     

Chapter 9      God and Computability      

Chapter 10    God and Diagonalisation   

Chapter 11    God and Incompleteness     

Chapter 12    God and Paradox         

Chapter 13    God and Complexity        

Chapter 14    Mathematical Evidence for the Existence of God      

Chapter 15    Does God have a Nature?                                

Chapter 16    Conclusion                                                

Chapter 17    Bibliography