Commitment-Arrow Christian Learning

Arrow Christian Learning

 Understanding Christian Commitment.

As Christian disciples we have to intensify our commitment to Jesus Christ.

Commitment 1     The Spirit Realm Reality.

Commitment 2     Self-Denial and the Tabernacle Holiness Base.

Commitment 3     Sacred History: the Calvary Event Centre.

Commitment 4     The Cross-Carrying Experience.

Commitment 5     The Eternal Judgement.

The Anointing 1      The Anointing is Permission from God.

The Anointing 2     The Anointing is Authority from God.

The Anointing 3     The Anointing is Ability from God.

The Anointing 4     The Anointing is Information from God.

The Anointing 5     The Anointing is Satisfaction from God.