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Arrow Christian Learning is a website that has been created to make available the various Bible studies, sermons, talks and papers on the Christian life that I have written over the past 20 years. The idea is to make it available to any one who is interested.

As a Bible teacher, I want people to know the spirit power, intellectual depth and moral grip of scripture. In my early 40's I (with my wife) came out of an impoverished liberal theological training into charismatic renewal. Reflecting on that experience, I now say that three things happened. The first change was that I accepted the supernatural. By means of scripture I now explore the spirit realm. The second thing that happened was that I completely changed my attitude to the Bible. Where once I regarded me as the judge of it, I now regarded it as the judge of me. I now go to the Bible seeking its judgement on me and events. I crave Biblical insight. The third thing that happened was that we started to tithe. Now I dare not, not tithe. I have found that tithing is a floor to God's provision.

In these studies I take the Bible as literally as I can. I am searching for the Biblical truth in the meaning of the text. I do not claim to always interpret scripture correctly. But I do claim that there is a correct interpretation or application of the meaning. The truth of scripture is eternal and objective (Mtt 24:35, John 10:35) compared to my subjective and culturally limited experience.

May these papers be used for the Greater Glory of God. AMDG.